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No. Sed does not use Perl-compatible regexes. Regular expression support for GNU tools is documented here: https://www.gnu.org/software/gnulib/manual/html_node/Regular-expression-syntaxes.html#Regular-expression-syntaxes \d is the character d. You can use [[:digit:]] but not \d


There can be several reasons for this: Okay, this one is a bit more obvious: but do you have your computer on a power saving mode? You can check this by going to to the following directory: cd /etc/pm Check if there are any scheduled sleep or hibernate configs stored here. If there are modify them to reboot instead of sleep or simply remove them if safe ...


I guess one of the easiest ways to do this would be installing a SSH client on Windows and then using a SSH connection to trigger the script on the Linux side. The command to call on the Windows side could be as easy as something like this: ssh.exe user@hostname /path/to/the/script Note that your ssh client will need some way to directly authenticate ...


The "been brought down" is referring to the shutdown processes. The shutdown command triggers a run level which tells all of the configured services to shutdown so the system can be safely rebooted, halted, etc. "Brought down" is referring to that process of stopping and killing running processes.


Omit Those lines # read bashrc source ~/.bashrc You can't mix configuration files of different programs (bash and tmux in your case) Update: In your tmux session unset this bash variable to solve "ps1_update: command not found" , just run : $ PROMPT_COMMAND= to change your command prompt from "($(cat)user@tiki:~$" to "user@tiki:~$" , we have to ...


In many modern CPUs, including Intel and AMD models, some instructions are executed directly in hardware, and some are "microcoded" - essentially, such instructions are internally made up of a series of smaller internal-to-the-CPU-only instructions. I'm not sure what you call the facility inside the CPU that "executes" microcode, and I believe microcode ...

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