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If I understand the question correctly, your Java apps write logs to regular text files, and you just need to download those files. Use the SSH file transfer functions through psftp, pscp, WinSCP, or other similar tools: C:\> pscp myserver:/var/log/myapp.log C:\Logs\myapp.log C:\> psftp myserver sftp> get /var/log/myapp.log sftp> exit If you ...


You can also have the installer write an installation log wherever you like, as needed, without modifying the registry. Run the installer msiexec from the command line with the /L option. For example, msiexec /i C:\Users\myusername\Downloads\somepackage.msi /L*v install.txt This will run the install script and write all logging info (verbose) to the file ...


An alternative to @cYrus's answer is: less +F file.log The benefit is that less can also truncate long lines for you with the -S flag, preventing them from wrapping around the terminal screen while allowing you to scroll left/right. Instead of piping tail -f file.log through cut or something similar, you can just: less -S +F file.log

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