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I had this problem and just fixed it -- Give a soft knock on the underside of your laptop, under where the clicking is. (for me, a MacBook Air 11", it was under the ESC key). Just a good rap with your knuckles. When I did this, the fan immediately kicked in and engaged, and the clicking stopped.


Try doing this... You will be able to boot onto the USB after running the Internet Recovery Tool. Boot into the Internet Recovery by holding command + R. Using the disk utility, click on the USB Device. After clicking the connected USB device, format it to Mac Extended Journaled Hard Drive. Click apply or ...


Step 1) partition your USB flash drive with GPT Step 2) Get the .dmg image of OS X you plan to install ready Step 3) Download tramsmac and copy the .dmg to your usb Step 4) Insert USB into mac, hold down option on boot then select the USB

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