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Hardlinking copies of the same message is done by several IMAP servers. On the other hand, those IMAP servers expect hardlinks. Some other Maildir programs may not. But it should not cause any damage, other than breaking the link. Could this possibly cause problems for applications using the Maildir Unlikely. or could it cause applications to ...


let Amavisd-new/spamassassin insert the headers ("X-Spam-Flag") into the spam-mails. Then use the Sieve filter in dovecot to move the marked mails into your spam folder (you can find an example in the dovecot wiki)


it is fetchmail, http://www.andrews-corner.org/mutt.html - just replace: 'POP3' => 'IMAP', 'no keep' => 'keep', write a some wrapper (su user -c fetchmail) and put it under cron. btw, mailbox is better, for example you can use munpack utility with it.

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