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Wineskin I believe runs as a wrapper around the Windows written code, like an emulation. So you don't have Windows installed, meaning that the system structure doesn't actually exist on your OS X machine. A Windows virus will only effect Windows machines and cannot jump across as you are not running Windows, however you still need AV on OS X as they are ...


There were apparently two Malwares installed when installing PdfCreator, one of them being BingProtect from a company called BBI As the default uninstaller didn't work for me, I used a tool called AdwCleaner - that worked for me in the end.


I was assaulted by this virus as well, and the first 8 searches on Google were search engine ads. Go to settings, extensions, and delete the ones you have no recollection of. Also, check that none of your other settings were tampered with, and default if necessary. I did this and the malware disappeared.

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