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Either You have to disable EFI boot and install Windows on MBR or You have to convert partition scheme to GPT and use EFI boot. It seems like if you have enabled UEFI boot in BIOS, windows will allow you to install it only on a GPT drive. You can disable EFI boot from BIOS and then install on MBR partition.


my VBR was pointing to a bootmgr in a different disk? No. An entry in your BCD was pointing to a \Windows directory on a different disk. The partition table in the MBR (block 0 of the disk, not part of any partition) indicates where the primary partitions are and which one is "active". The code from the MBR loads the first block of the VBR from that ...


I did it! I had to tap F2 as the computer was booting instead of just holding it like I was doing. Silly me.

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