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That is the recording tab of the audio dialog. What is happening here is not that your computer detects you pressing the key, but that the mic in the earbuds hears the clicking sound it makes when you press the button.


You are going to find some slowdown on a machine running Windows 7 with only 2GB of RAM, a Pentium(R) Dual-Core T4500 @2.3Ghz and an Intel GMA4500M when running high-quality, heavily compressed video. The reason you're able to play normal .mkv files more smoothly is likely to do with the level of compression. This from Wikipedia: In comparison to AVC, ...


The Idea aka How to break a (butter)fly on the wheel [Fly]. You can stream locally the whole movie with all the audio and subtitle tracks, e.g. with vlc. Then it will be "enough" to connect two clients to that stream, selecting the language (and/or subtitles) and the different audio output (that we assume already configured). Moreover with a new ...


Not entirely a hotkey, but hold the Shift key and click the app in the taskbar.

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