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Your motherboard uses the nForce4 chipset which has a buildin memory controller limited to 4 GB (in 4x 1GB, 2x 2GB isn't going to work either). So you are out of luck I'm afraid. Besides: This is ancient hardware. Whatever upgrade you are going to throw at it, it won't make it much faster/better then it is now. And it is very questionable if any ...


Changing the size hasn't changed in Windows 10, it is still in system properties. All the "rules" that you can find are crap. Let Windows manage the size and by happy. To see the size of all folder, run TreeSizeFree as admin.


thanks for your answers, guys, but the solution was actually something else. Turned out that the task "system and compressed memory" is not actually run by windows, but run by some malware which disguises itself as windows. I reset my PC completely, and now it's running fine again.

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