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You can create a shortcut to NirCmd that does this. Add the following to the Target of the shortcut: Using muteappvolume: <path to nircmd.exe> muteappvolume Lync.exe 2 Microphone Using mutesysvolume: <path to nircmd.exe> mutesysvolume 2 Microphone Note: Use the correct executable name if it isn't Lync.exe, and also the correct name for ...


Although I'm not an electrician, I would highly discourage using the microphone. If there was a peak in voltage, there could be consequences more severe. If possible, I would recommend trying to disable the microphone, or, if nessasary, open the laptop up and disconnect the microphone from the motherboard. Better safe than sorry.


Can you check in Tools -> Options -> Audio Settings -> Microphone which input you have selected? You may notice there's a little check-box below that says "Automatically adjust microphone settings". Try with that both checked or unchecked, and another thing you can try is to experiment with the settings while you are in the middle of a call, I think you can ...


I couldn't get a splitter mentioned in the other answer to work (tried two). I tried a USB mic and it works perfectly so there is that as an option.


To resolve this, all that needs to be done is to disable mic enhancements, assuming that you have configured your Hangouts to use correct input and output audio devices. So lets get on with it. On Windows system go to Control Panel, Sound. Then click on Recording tab, highlight your microphone and click Properties. You should see something like this: ...

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