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Set D1 to 1, set D2 to =IF(A1=A2, D1, 3-D1) and drag/fill down.  This says: if the StudentID on the previous row equals the StudentID on the current row, then this is a secondary row for this Student (i.e., this is part of a multi-row data cluster for a Student, and it is not the first line).  In that case, the CounsellorNbr for this row should be the ...


I don't exactly get what do you want with this section: "Event Date IMAGELIST (Xmas) 1 (Xmas) 2 (Xmas) 3 (Xmas) 4 (Xmas) 5 (Xmas) 6 (Xmas) 7 (Xmas) 8 (Xmas) 9 (Xmas) 10 (Xmas) 11 (Xmas) 12 (Xmas) 13 (Xmas) 14 1st HS meeting - EHES Kasey Donation 15 1st HS meeting - EHES Kasey Donation 16" and also the inconsistency between your title ("into multiple ...


Does your SQL server config allow access from the host/IP that is your linux server? If you can connect fine with workbench (presumably from another PC/host/network, then you need to look at your user permissions and where you are allowed to connect from. Check this page as it gives the config for setting/checking the host part.


Although MS Access 2013 can save database files in the older .mdb format (as opposed to the newer .mdbx), not all features are compatible or can be saved in the older format. Access 2013 should give you a warning when saving to the older format with unsupported features. I have personally seen it do so, but maybe it doesnt in all cases. Regardless, the ...


In the properties of a form control you can enter the value of another field by using =[controlname] in the Control Source. In your case it is =[ID Field] in the Control Source of each of the fields you want to reflect the ID Field value. Here is a gif of how I did it in a simple form. large version

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