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Take the quotes off of the dates in your formula. It is trying to find the greater of two text values instead of the greater of two date values.


Microsoft has a KB article about this subject. The formula they suggest is: =IF(OR(MOD(A1,400)=0,AND(MOD(A1,4)=0,MOD(A1,100)<>0)),"Leap Year", "NOT a Leap Year") As a side-note: the date system of Microsoft Excel intentionally has an error by regarding the year 1900 as a leap year. See this SE Q&A for an excellent answer about this.


I think rewording your conditions may help you see where you've gone wrong. Think of it this way instead: If `a>0`, then `a`. Otherwise, check if `b=#N/A`. If `b=#N/A`, then check if `c=0`. Otherwise, `b`. If `c=0`, then `d/61`. Otherwise, `c`. Note the difference between the first line and what you described. You jumped straight to "use b" and ...


I think this falls into the world of VBA. Working on individual data labels is fairly limited otherwise. Here is code that will iterate through the series in a chart, their data points, and then delete those labels which correspond to a point with Value=0. There is a line of code in there (commented) that will add the data labels again to all of the ...


Use a cell (either out of the print range or on another sheet) to indicate if the price is shown. Then for all the cells that you want to hide, use the conditional formatting. If the cell is true, then show the prices, if the cell is false, then hide the prices. You would format one of the prices, then copy the format with the format painter.


To create a chart like this: Select a cell outside of your data range Select Insert>Chart>Scatter from the Ribbon Select the new, blank Chart Select Design>Data>Select Data from the Ribbon Select Add Legend Entries(Series) from the Select Data Source Dialog Box In the Edit Series Dialog Box: Series Name = cell that hold your series name (e.g. B1) Series ...


if your S8 is date, try this =IF(S8 = Date(yyyy;mm;dd);"Yes";"No") if your S8 is date, compare it with date as well...

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