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I ended up upgrading machines to Office 2013. Loring's answer may help.


I had an a BIG problem getting MP4 Files to run in PowerPoint 2010. They would stutter and break up. I was using YouTube Downloader (YTD) and it was giving me a file that would run from the desktop, but not in PowerPoint. I am now using RealPlayer Cloud or Savefromnet and am inserting MP4s with no problem.


If you have a legal key already, this site works (at least for 2010 that I need) https://office2010.getmicrosoftkey.com/ I just spent 20 minutes on support with Microsoft to get it.


I would first make a new column (that could be hidden if needed), that has the following function in it: =(A2-INT(A2))*24*60 Which gives the time in minutes (it will not exceed 24 hours). Then you can create the plot using minutes. You can also use =(A2-INT(A2))*24 for hours or =(A2-INT(A2)) to use days.

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