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try msconfig --> startup than disable OC, bet this works


Many reasons. XML Styling Images converted to base64, which is 33%larger than the original Other stuff like fonts etc... A lot of stuff that seemingly doesn't do anything!


Solution tested on Windows 8 with Excel 2007 This is all linked to DDE which the application can be told to ignore Open Excel, go to Excel Options Select Advanced tab on the left Scroll down to General Section near the bottom There is a check-box to allow Excel to ignore DDE If you check this it will stop further opened spreadsheets from joining it.


Highlight all of your words and look under the home tab next to where you pick where your words go (left alignment, right alignment, ect) and there is your button


Using a high contrast theme will require you to adjust the properties manually. Go to Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Personalization At the bottom of the window click Window Color In the Item: drop-down choose Window To the right choose what color you want under Color 1: Click Apply, then OK Note: This image is for reference only. Yours ...

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