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You can't sorry. The only "workaround" I see is to reset all views each time Outlook starts: add /cleanviews command line switch to Outlook shortcut. Then she'll just need to restart Outlook each time she feels something went wrong.


If you are using MS Outlook 2010, you can select File -> Info. Mailbox Cleanup section shows the size limit and free space left.


If you have Outlook 2010 or newer by now, you can go to the View tab and select Conversation Settings > Show Messages from Other Folders. This will include messages from the Sent Items folder in the thread view.


How to Check Responses to Your Meeting Requests in Outlook 2013 Note: This also works in older versions of outlook. To check the status of responses to your meeting request, follow these steps: Click the Calendar icon in the Navigation bar. The calendar appears. Double-click the item you want to check. The meeting opens. Click the ...

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