Microsoft Surface is a series of Windows tablet computers by Microsoft. For the table-sized interactive touch device, see the [microsoft-pixelsense] tag.

The Microsoft Surface is a category of tablet computers manufactured by Microsoft. There are three product lines:

  • The Surface tablets, for budget-oriented consumers and educational users. The first generation Surface and Surface 2 used ARM processors and ran Windows RT. These only run Metro apps; they are not upgradable to Windows 10 and have been discontinued. Surface 3 uses Intel processors and is compatible with Windows 10.

  • The Intel-based Surface Pro series runs Windows Professional editions, and has full support for legacy apps.

  • the Surface Book is an Intel-based laptop/tablet hybrid with an October 2015 release date.

The tablets include a kickstand, allowing them to be used as a tablet or a laptop. They accept an optional magnetically-attached touchpad/keyboard that doubles as a screen cover.

Before the tablet line, the Surface brand was used for a large table-sized touch device (aka Surface 1.0); see .

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