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You can try to manually configure the xorg.conf file and choose a specific video driver. Try one of these: s3 - Old S3 Chipsets s3virge - S3 ViRGE series (ViRGE, ViRGE DX,GX,GX2,MX,MX+,VX and Trio3D,Trio3D/2x) savage - S3 Savage series (Savage 3D,4,2000,/MX,/IX, ProSavage PM133,KM133, Twister, TwisterK I would try the standard 's3' driver first. Here is ...


Here it is: Passw0rd! As the following image shows:


Very weird that changing the size of a window would affect a virtual machine. Do you have the latest version of Virtual PC for your OS? If not, is your BIOS have Virtualization enabled? Windows is known to replace part of DOS; it's not too surprising that Windows might fix something that is broken in DOS. Still, I'd be wary about the stability of any ...

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