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I've had a similar need so I wrote an AutoHotkey script that creates a global "paste text only" option. It's not perfect but it's fairly effective. There's a special case for Excel and you could probably create one for Word as well. ; Key: Win+V ; Cmd: Paste unformatted text #v:: IfWinActive Microsoft Excel { Send !es{Down 2}{Enter} ;Edit menu, Paste ...


It seems that Word 2003 doesn't let you set "Keep text only" as a default. But you can create a macro as described in detail here: https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2009/07/02/word-keyboard-shortcut-to-paste-unformatted-text/ Essentially you: 1. create the macro. 2. add the macro to your template. 3. assign a keyboard shortcut to the macro. That way, if ...

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