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No. The Recent Documents icon is just a link. To recover the documents you really do need to have the USB drive. Note that it's likely a teacher found the USB drive and is keeping it safe until someone reports they lost it. I'd ask around with teachers if they found your USB drive.


Is it possible if I could recover any of them? The Word "Recent Documents" is just a list of filenames (and their locations) of documents you have recently edited. It does not contain any of the documents' data. If you still have access to the machine where you last edited the documents, then it may be possible to recover them. However, it is very ...


It doesn't work all the time but it worked out for me a couple of times. Go and search for your files in C:\Users\"Your User"\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Office\"Word, Excel, etc."\ Here you can find some of your files autosaved by Office. Look there, it is worth a shot.


This seems to be working: ;[!¤]{1,} I used generic currency sign ¤, you may use any other symbol you are sure is not included in text following semicolon (maybe it's semicolon itself). Just a note: leaving curly brackets' second bound empty does not mean an endless string, I found out by trial that the extent is limited to 255 chars.

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