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sc config dhcpserver start= auto configures the DHCP server to automatically start up when you boot the machine. However, it does not start the DHCP server if your computer is already running. In order to start the DHCP server on an already running machine, you need the second command: net start dhcpserver. Without this second command you would need to ...


Do it with macro: Sub PrintOne() ActiveDocument.PrintOut wdPrintCurrentPage End Sub


Check... That it doesn't have entries in System Prefs/Users & Groups [your account] then right hand pane, Login Items, making them auto-launch. That both are in fact Quit, not just that all their windows are closed, before you shut down or restart. If both of these are OK, then... Switch to Finder, open a new window [Cmd/n] then Go [Cmd/shift/g] ...


For GB you could use autocorrect by adding 10 variations: 0GB => 0 GB ... 9GB => 9 GB

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