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Have you tried setting extensions.checkCompatibility and extensions.checkUpdateSecurity (in about:config) to false? You may need to create these boolean values for it to work.


Yes, you can. Try the Nightly Tester Tools, which can force plugins to load, among other useful features. If it doesn't work, some of this functionality is availible in FireGesures - I have tab switching mapped to Right Click and scroll wheel.


Solved it- had to uninstall Firefox 3.6, then install 3.5.7, install the extension, then upgrade back to 3.6. Somehow, that works.


There's also a Firefox extension that just turns off compatibility checking: Add-on Compatibility Reporter


This very useful Firefox extension, FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension), can suppress version checks on the installation of any extension. You could use it to force FF 3.6 to re-install MileWideBack. FEBE does many other useful actions, like FF backup, which makes it one of my all-time favorite plug-ins.

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