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Chances are high that a tcpdump -n -i eth0 launched on your Fedora box, once connected to the router, will show an ARP probe that, probably, the router will send to check if its LAN IP address is already in use somewhere else. This should happen shortly after the router is powered up. Also note that you will see your own traffic, with tcpdump, so take care ...


Are you sure it is a modem and not a bridge? Some ISP's gave SpeedStream 4100/4200 to their customers where they were infact bridges. You can test this by opening it, and if it doesn't have a CMOS battery, then it is a bridge and you can't connect to it.


Yes you absolutely can. Search for dd-wrt and see if your router is supported. If it is, you can install custom firmware which allows you to use your router as an adapter or a gamut of other things.


Disable DHCP on your router, change the router cable port from WAN port to LAN port

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