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I did something that I recomend only for those who don't know what else to do, who tried everything and nothing else worked, who belive that their problem is caused by dirt/dust inside in the wheel area, and whose choice is to throw the mouse, or to do this: I sprayed a wheel (left and wright side of a wheel) with a WD 40, just a bit, for a second each side. ...


A couple of possibilities appear on this question over on SO: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5637530/disable-shortcuts-in-google-chrome The two answers there talk about either running chrome in kiosk mode (with --kiosk) or using a node-webkit hack. They appear to be a bit overkill though as they disable almost ALL shortcuts. However, stealing ...


For a solution on Linux, one can use IronAHK, a partial implementation of AutoHotKey on Linux, although its development has bogged down in recent years. Another possibility is the XMacro utility for recording and replaying keyboard and mouse events on an X server as a script. A good writeup can be found on the thread AutoHotkey on Linux? by TJGeezer: I ...


Some drivers will even let you specify this for only within a certain application, at which point you'd specify chrome.


There is a branch off of AHK that may be of use for Xubuntu users. https://code.google.com/p/autokey/ You could do something similar to the AHK solutions.

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