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Problem: MP3 File has a gap This is a known, acknowledged issue since at least 2000: 1 Why is a decoded MP3 longer than the original .wav file? Because LAME (and all other MDCT based encoders) add padding to the beginning and end of each song. For an explination of why, see the questions below. 800 word long technical explanation pertaining ...


I'm going to assume that by manually, you mean you don't want to delete them one at a time. In Windows, you can do this simply by going to the top level of your music file directories and typing: DEL *.mp4 /S The '/S' flag deletes files not only in the current directory, but in all sub-directories as well. In Linux, also from the top directory, you ...


I'm using http://www.voicebase.com with podcast and videos on english and it works very well. It's free for 50 audio hours. You can download audio transcription on rtf, srt or pdf. You can download machine transcriptions about 10-15 minutes after you upload, and sometimes, early.

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