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You could also consider simple bash oneliner instead of python script - for i in *.mp3; do ffmpeg -v quiet -i "picture.jpg" -i "$i" -shortest -acodec copy "`sed 's/mp3/mp4/g'<<<$i`"; done This will convert all mp3 files in your current dir into mp4 videos with picture.jpg. For converting flac to mp3 that would be for i in *.flac; do ffmpeg -v ...


You can do this by: typing *.mp3 in the search box see the file count at the bottom of the window (PS. I'm not showing you my music collection :P) If you want to compare the 2 folders, use the technique here. It basically uses the command line and robocopy (included with win8). Copied and pasted from above link: ROBOCOPY “\\FileShare\SourceFolder” ...

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