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Open about:config and change media.play-stand-alone to false. According to this answer on mozilla support, you should change media.windows-media-foundation.enabled back to the default value. Edit: LogicDaemon mentioned for him media.windows-media-foundation.play-stand-alone helped.


iTunes Plus encoding is AAC 256kbps Variable rate. iTunes itself can rip CDs at up to 320kbps, though defaults to 256, the same as an iTunes download. Unless you specifically need lossless, this is about as good as it gets, imo better than mp3 for a given data size. Prefs > General > Import Settingsā€¦ Use Customā€¦ to get 320kbps or switch the main Import ...


WMP doesn't natively support the Disc Number tag so it will indeed display all discs intermingled as a single album. You could however install the Windows Media Player Plus! plug-in, which can add Disc Number support to WMP:


A little late in the day (decade!), but I wanted to do exactly the same thing. Thanks to Windows Powershell, here is a little script that I wrote today. $path = '~\MS Subbulakshmi\1. Toronto 1977\' $shell = New-Object -COMObject Shell.Application $folder = $path $shellfolder = $shell.Namespace($folder) $total_duration = [timespan] 0 foreach($file in ...

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