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As I posted in this question on Android.SE, I was able to get my MTP mode working again. FYI I don't know how this affects the debugging interface since I haven't checked that out yet, but this should let you access it as a drive. From that answer (slightly modified based on your images): What worked for me (on Windows) was: Plug the Nexus 7 ...


Unfortunately, APIs exposed by MTP are very different from a normal filesystem APIs. Therefore exposing MTP device as a read/write filesystem is not possible. The main reason: Wikipedia says: Neither the MTP nor the PTP standards allow for direct modification of objects. Instead, modified objects must be reuploaded in their entirety, which can take a ...


Try by setting the policy WPD Devices: Deny read access within System\Removable Storage Access to "Enabled" and this should block all the portable devices.


You could continue to use WMP but switch to a playlist-centric syncing method. For example you could use song ratings as a way of determining which songs are synced: Rate all the songs that you don't want synced as 1-star Rate the rest as 3-stars (this can be done in bulk by selecting all tracks, right-clicking and using the Rate option). Create an ...


I'd posted earlier about mounting a PTP device as a mass storage device, however I can't seem to find any software (yet) for a MTP device. I did, however find a blog entry about a workaround that you can try: so I looked for a while, and of course, in this operating system was a little “trick” of how, here they are behaving: Right click on ...


Found post #3 at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2119633 to work for me: There is a recent problem with newer android versions no longer automatically mounting properly. Have searched so far and wide as to install this ppa? https://launchpad.net/~langdalepl/+archive/gvfs-mtp That solved it for me. Try it out.

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