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As I posted in this question on Android.SE, I was able to get my MTP mode working again. FYI I don't know how this affects the debugging interface since I haven't checked that out yet, but this should let you access it as a drive. From that answer (slightly modified based on your images): What worked for me (on Windows) was: Plug the Nexus 7 ...


Unfortunately, APIs exposed by MTP are very different from a normal filesystem APIs. Therefore exposing MTP device as a read/write filesystem is not possible. The main reason: Wikipedia says: Neither the MTP nor the PTP standards allow for direct modification of objects. Instead, modified objects must be reuploaded in their entirety, which can take a ...


Try by setting the policy WPD Devices: Deny read access within System\Removable Storage Access to "Enabled" and this should block all the portable devices.


You could continue to use WMP but switch to a playlist-centric syncing method. For example you could use song ratings as a way of determining which songs are synced: Rate all the songs that you don't want synced as 1-star Rate the rest as 3-stars (this can be done in bulk by selecting all tracks, right-clicking and using the Rate option). Create an ...


I'd posted earlier about mounting a PTP device as a mass storage device, however I can't seem to find any software (yet) for a MTP device. I did, however find a blog entry about a workaround that you can try: so I looked for a while, and of course, in this operating system was a little “trick” of how, here they are behaving: Right click on ...


Found post #3 at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2119633 to work for me: There is a recent problem with newer android versions no longer automatically mounting properly. Have searched so far and wide as to install this ppa? https://launchpad.net/~langdalepl/+archive/gvfs-mtp That solved it for me. Try it out.


Just had to reboot, it's fixed now.


No, the transfer over USB using MTP itself does not compress the images or other files. Of course, your phone's implementation of MTP may do this, or the software you use to receive the files on your computer - but that is unlikely, unless you explicitly enabled it somewhere. There must be another reason your images look more pixelated on the computer. ...

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