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If multiple interfaces are up there are two issues. First one is which interface has gateway and what is the interface order. I'm assuming you're using Windows O.S. In command prompt (type "cmd" in Run window) type route print and you should see something like this: (the headers are in you o.s. language, mine is Turkish) Which interface has the gateway ...


You must switch to static addressing first. Then go to Network and Sharing Center - Change adapter settings. Right click on your network adapter, choose Properties, double-click on "Internet Protocol (IPv4)" (or IPv6), then click Advanced, and you will be allowed to add multiple IP addresses. This works on Windows XP too, except it only allows IPv4 to be ...


I was wondering this myself when I installed a wireless NIC in my system. I did some test (in Windows XP) and found out that if you have both a wired and wireless connection (both independently configured and functioning), then Windows will prioritize the wired connection. In other words, when the cable is disconnected, it will use the wireless connection, ...


Take a look in System Preferences → Network → Gear (next to +-) → Set service order.


I had a shell script for doing something like that a long-long time ago but, sorry, could find it. So I can only give you the pointers to the solutions I implemented back then. I'm writting mostly from memory so some examples are missing: I had one routing table per uplink (ip route ... table 101, ip route ... table 102). That goes into ...


Sorry if you already found the answer, but this is possible and is really nice. Cisco routers are able to make two connections to one device, depending on the types of connections it's either unequal cost path load balancing, or equal cost path load balancing. The router will transfer the data through both connections, it'll increase file transfers, maybe ...


If you get a decent NIC like an Intel PRO/1000 or one of the various HP NCxxxX network adaptors which use the same Intel chipset, the driver will have support for VLANs, along with a configuration control panel. The single port cards are quite cheap, but the dual PCIe cards are more than double the price. The quad cards and over cost a lot.

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