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On excel, write everything on one column, then on the second column, paste this formula to get what you need: =CONCATENATE("..\My Music\",TRIM(RIGHT(SUBSTITUTE(A1,"\",REPT(" ",LEN(A1))),LEN(A1))))


I had the same question and I found that yes, Itunes library file (.itl) could be moved easily. Just copy it from your nas to a folder on your hard drive and launch itunes with alt key pressed. Choose as library, the itl file u just copied to your local drive. U should then see all your lib intact, and can navigate through it way faster. I wrote that blog ...


No. During periods of silence there is no current going through the audio cable. Even during periods of heavy sound, it's only around 2 volts. Not nearly enough to charge the battery and keep a consistent connection.


This is a decent question, but to my knowledge 3.5mm audio connectors do not supply enough power to actual charge the battery of the headphones themselves. All power going through a standard 3.5mm connector is strictly connected to creating audio; and that is a fairly low amount of power. Devices that do use 3.5mm connections for charging—like iPod Shuffles ...

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