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For others: sudo apt-get install php-gettext might be the answer (especially with php7 as it seems that this is not included by default, maybe because it is a pear extension).


The following is from : And the culprit is php-fpm! A quick google found another Wordpress customer suffering from similar symptoms; the advice was to tweak the php-fpm pool configuration (/etc/php-fpm.d/www.conf) and tweak the pm configuration. The main change was to move from pm = dynamic to pm = ondemand with a pm.max_children value ...


In MySQL 5.5+ you can use the auth_socket authentication plugin for this: CREATE USER 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED WITH auth_socket; MariaDB 5.2.0+ has a similar unix_socket plugin – as far as I know, it is even active by default: INSTALL PLUGIN unix_socket SONAME 'auth_socket'; CREATE USER root IDENTIFIED VIA unix_socket; Similarly, PostgreSQL has ...


Typical. As soon as I ask a question, I stumble on the answer. mysql> select host,user,password from mysql.user ; +-----------+------+-------------------------------------------+ | host | user | password | +-----------+------+-------------------------------------------+ | localhost | root | ...

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