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You have to add -I(replace this with the path where the mysql includes are) to your CFLAGS. The C++ compiler does not look for includes on the PATH.


Is there a way through a MySQL command, to remove anything from the , onward? For this you should use the SUBSTRING_INDEX function: UPDATE directory SET contactEmail = SUBSTRING_INDEX(contactEmail, ',', -1); but before you run UPDATE on real data, please have a backup or perform the test on another table.


You are misreading your netstat output. tcp 0 0* LISTEN The port is bound only for use by localhost (Interprocess communication). For a listener, "Local Address" indicates the address that is being listened on. since the only computer that can connect to is the localhost, noone else can ...


Exactly the same happened to me, I tried the following query and it worked: USE mysql; CHECK TABLE db; If it returns db is corrupt, then repair it using REPAIR TABLE db; CHECK TABLE db; You should get status as OK.

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