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Using FreeNAS or configuring your own NAS based on a Linux distro isn't hard. It is some additional work, requires quite a bit more knowledge than an off-the-shelf NAS box, but will pay off in terms of flexibility. However, building a NAS for backups from old parts IS a BAD idea. Multiple small drives will consume much more power than eg. two modern high ...


It's not recommended, but it is possible to telnet the ReadyNAS by booting it into «Tech support mode». Only Netgear tech support is supposed to use it, but you can login yourself. Boot into Tech support mode. Method depends on ReadyNAS model, so see instructions on Netgear support. Open RAIDar and within about a minute you should see the IP show up, along ...


Sorry to answer my own question... nothing I could do configuration wise could fix this issue. Until I unplugged the USB wifi stick and plugged it into a new USB port. Then speeds kicked right up to ~15MB/s transfer rates. Why that fixed it I don't know, but it did.


Your best option in terms of performance would be to use rsync from the command shell on your NAS to sync NAS HDD to one of your external drives. In other words, you would plug your internal drive, then rsync NAS HDD onto that drive and take latter offsite. Alternatively, you can do the same from any machine that has an access to NAS, but when a file will ...

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