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The destination column lists the destination IP address of the original packet (before NAT) as specified by the -d or --destination parameter. Since you did not specify a destination parameter, the entry matches all TCP packets destined to port 80 on any destination IP address.


It seems that miredo don't support UPnP. Check the todo list. 1 ToDo list: 2 =========== 3 4 This task list is only indicative; in particular priorities are typically 5 not quite respected and often modified. It might not be fully comprehensive. 6 If you have an idea, please submit it to the miredo-devel mailing list. 7 8 (!) must ...


This looks right to me - maybe you are reading the output wrong. The source and destination (in the packet) TO MATCH is - ie anything, which is consistent with the rule you wrote (you did not specify a source or destination). The action to take on that packet is to redirect "to:" - ie the text on the following line.

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