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What is happenning there is that you're using the ssh_config %h substitution, but according to the manual, this doesn't mean that the substituted value will also be preprocessed in any way. But because the command is being passed through a shell, you can use a subshell to do a name resolution, something like this: ProxyCommand /usr/bin/nc -x ...


The solution is to put nc.exe in system32, and to create a batch file with the nc command you want to run and place in in system32 as well.


Check out screen. It will allow you to detach a session but keep it running so you can pick it up again later. It may or may not work for this purpose, I haven’t tested it.


You may want to look at openssl s_client, e.g. # openssl s_client -connect https://dummy.com:8443


Yeah there's a program called stunnel it has a configuration file, you tell it what port to listen on, what port to forward to. it works for client side, or server side, or both. so it can turn a server that doesn't support ssl, into effectively one that does. or a client that doesn't support ssl, effectively into one that does. or make both a client ...


You should try to specify a timeout for netcat, e.g. nc -w 10 x.x.x.x 23 < commands.txt Netcat will quit after 10 seconds of inactivity.

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