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Since you are talking about a network storage location, it may be just disk quota (check if you are not getting close to the upper limit on that network drive), if you've googled you had probably seen quite a number of questions regarding quota management, albeit not Outlook question, it can be the answer. In such a case you will get unexpected (by outlook) ...


I know this answer is 3 years after the question was asked. File/Folder > Properties > Sharing Share > Remove Homegroup from users Advanced Sharing > Uncheck Share this File/Folder


Yes, there are a number of 3rd-party tools that will enable something like this on Windows. Swish Netdrive win-sshfs are three that I'm aware of.


Go to your remote share directory from the machine that its installed on. Right-click on it. Select properties. Open security tab. Click advanced. Click change permissions. If you don't see your name in there, click add; if you do, then double-click on your user. Make sure, if full control and allow are not already checked, that at least the traverse, ...

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