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You would need to install Windows Server on computer C. Windows Server will allow two users to use Remote Desktop on their computers (A and B) and have individual desktop sessions on computer C. Traditional/end-user remoting software like VNC, TeamViewer, PCAnywhere, do not allow for multiple users, as they capture the desktop session.


It sounds like the file never actually got updated because User B was holding it open. To force a file closed on Windows Server, open the Shared Folders snap-in for MMC. Navigate to Open Files in the left pane. Find the file in question in the main area, right-click it, and choose Close Open File. You'll then be able to update the program. Note that User ...


With windows offline sync, you can go into "offline" mode even when you're online. That allows you to interact with the folder locally and get local performance. You can then go "online" at the end of the day and get updates synchronized. I think that would give you the flexibility you seek. You should see a "Work Offline" / "Work Online" option in the ...


Simple solution through cmd (with admin privs) without any batch files would be: schtasks /create /tn "my_mount" /tr "net use V: \\hostname\directory /persistent:yes" /sc onstart /RU SYSTEM followed by a restart of your server or by executing: schtasks /run /tn "my_mount"


Why this happens Windows will not read the desktop.ini unless it's a system file (seemingly readonly also works, but system file means it can stay hidden even when you set non-system hidden files to visible). Why you seemingly can't fix it On a Samba share (Unix implementation of SMB/network share protocol), sometimes even if you e.g., go to properties ...

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