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I wouldn't set up a professional network with a Fritz!Box. It's a consumer grade device with bottlenecks as well as too few relevant features and settings. If you set up a network for 30 computers, you shouild at least have a professional SoHo device in place, with serious QoS settings, fully configurable local services, and capable of performing well. If ...


a simple #!/bin/bash dhclient -r dhclient /etc/init.d/networking restart seemed to do the trick, it held onto the ip even though I removed the lease and rebooted. Might be a router error or pi error, but this fixed it.


That is what a VPN would do. You need to set up a VPN server at the remote location. And VPN client on the other. Windows supports doing that. A set up I have done is each comp would have its own private IP but viewed externally they'd have the IP of the NAPT router at the remote location. The NAPT router port fowards to a VPN server when a VPN client ...


The problem is how to connect a computer sitting on LAN A to a remote lan B through internet and go out on internet using the IP used by LAN B adsl router? This is one of the problems solved by a VPN, the other being secrecy (the connection between A and B is alway encrypted; it is not encrypted when it leaves B). There are many different types of ...

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