newsgroups are categories on the Usenet network

Newsgroups are categories in which electronic messages are posted and circulated on the Usenet network.

The major set of worldwide newsgroups is contained within nine hierarchies, eight of which are operated under consensual guidelines that govern their administration and naming. The current "Big Eight" are:

  • comp.* – computer-related discussions (comp.software, comp.sys.amiga)
  • humanities.* – fine arts, literature, and philosophy (humanities.classics, - humanities.design.misc)
  • misc.* – miscellaneous topics (misc.education, misc.forsale, misc.kids)
  • news.* – discussions and announcements about news (meaning Usenet, not current events) (news.groups, news.admin)
  • rec.* – recreation and entertainment (rec.music, rec.arts.movies)
  • sci.* – science related discussions (sci.psychology, sci.research)
  • soc.* – social discussions (soc.college.org, soc.culture.african)
  • talk.* – talk about various controversial topics (talk.religion, talk.politics, talk.origins)


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