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As I posted in this question on Android.SE, I was able to get my MTP mode working again. FYI I don't know how this affects the debugging interface since I haven't checked that out yet, but this should let you access it as a drive. From that answer (slightly modified based on your images): What worked for me (on Windows) was: Plug the Nexus 7 ...


I searched for ages for this very same thing. I found the Share Keyboard & Mouse app (by SmartUX) on the Google play store which should do what you want. You can find the PC client on their web page.


I realize the question was about a software solution but I just came across this Matias keyboard the other day. That looks like would work for this question. They market it for iPhones but it looks like it will work with Android devices as well: Also connects to other devices. We designed the keyboard to connect wirelessly to your iPhone, but it's ...

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