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Here are the Linux drivers for your chipset. They're likely already available in your distribution's package manager, but if you need to verify, grab 'em straight from the source. This chipset is probably not a real hardware RAID; it's a fakeRAID chipset that does most of the work in software. If you want real hardware RAID, buy a separate controller card ...


Probably you have overlooked, it is in the Extreme Tweaker menu under Overclocking section.


You need to disable it from BIOS. Press f2 on boot to see the bios settings. Now goto Security > VT Technology (Enable/Disable) Thank You!


Both network ports on the same board going odd at the same time is not unexpected - they will both be running from the same controller chip. It could be that the controller chip on the motherboard is on the way out, but I doubt it as that chip will be controlling much else at the same time and you are not seeing problems with other devices. I could be wrong ...


This post on MSDN has some comments from somebody at Microsoft that appears to indicate that TRIM might work and that it depends on the controller. I had always thought the answer to this question was no previously...


Try my answer here to troubleshoot freezes.


The problem seems to have been resolved by installing the storage driver included with the nForce Driver for my chipset, even though it is only officially supported with Windows Vista. If this is not the case, I will reopen this question and look deeper into the other answers/suggestions.

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