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Turns out while at work I had gotten nameservers set from work. so in /etc/resolve.conf nameservers (which aren't the same as I have at home) were set. Which makes perfect sense now.. I could kind of ping as root but nothing else, I should have seen it earlier since when I used ssh, I never tried doing so on the ip-address. However to resolve this I ...


I had the same issue and after googling a while I didn't find a reliable answer. After giving it some thoughts, I figured that the mirrors have the same data and so we could compare some part of it. NOTE: BE CAREFUL, IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN 2 DRIVES WITH THE SAME CHECKSUM YOU ARE PROBABLY COMPARING EMPTY DISKSPACE, CHOOSE ANOTHER OFFSET (skip option). With ...


After a bit of trying, I found that I had to add an exception for my phone IP address to the openSUSE firewall; now it works perfectly.

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