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Although I am on Windows 7 (x64) system, have you checked the DVD Region tab of your DVD Drive's properties, in Device Manager? I had a similar problem with not being able to recognize any DVDs and found out that no Region had been selected to run a DVD in my drive. Once I selected my Region (United States), my drive will now read / recognize my DVDs.


Assuming the same disks are quiet in one drive and not in the other, says the disks are OK. The fact that it's only when actively using disks tells me the noise is the disk vibrating while rotating (possible because of higher RPMs while doing data reads vs. movie watching). This tells me the drive hub is probably out of balance. The easiest (and ...


It sounds like the laser can't focus and more often than not that's due to dust covering the lens. Some drives make a clicking noise when trying to focus the lens, listen for it, it may be faint. If you can see the lens when the drive is open, try gently rubbing the lens with an alcohol soaked q-tip to clean it, leaving the drive open for a few seconds ...

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