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I have auto downloads set to 'off' in "iTunes/Preferences/Store", but it still tries to ask me to sign in to check for downloads on startup. It then also started downloading stuff i didn't want to download too if i logged in. I tried the following solution, and it seems to have worked to prevent the dialogue from appearing; iTunes requires Safari cookies to ...


You can also just open a blank VIM document by typing vi or vim in your terminal. The welcome screen will state your version as well as other information.


Of course it is. Install a legal copy of Mac OS onto VirtualBox, you can find here excellent instructions to do so. Make sure that the disk you are allocating to the VM is at least as large as the occupied part of your disk. Then install Guest Additions on the VM. This is a perfect time to make a full backup of your system, just in case anything goes ...


Open the CSV in a text editor, such as Sublime or Text Wrangler. (Text Edit won't work.) Save the file with encoding Western (Mac Roman) or some other encoding Mac Excel uses. Import and choose the same encoding.


At least for me, in Yosemite 10.10.3, the following answer from our friends at Ask Different worked: http://apple.stackexchange.com/a/115698 You can disable the hotkeys for slow motion effects by following these instructions: Open Terminal Go to ~/Library/Preferences by typing cd ~/Library/Preferences. Write open com.apple.symbolichotkeys.plist and ...


You can manipulate Mac keyboard LEDs with this.. /* * keyboard_leds.c * Manipulate keyboard LEDs (capslock and numlock) programmatically. * * gcc -Wall -o keyboard_leds keyboard_leds.c -framework IOKit * -framework CoreFoundation * * Copyright (c) 2007,2008 Amit Singh. All Rights Reserved. * * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, ...


Every app can do their own thing and write to unexpected locations, and there is no way to reliably predict or infer anything, so basically all app cleaning tools are based on common patterns and heuristics, which for some people might work in most cases most of the time. The only reliable way to tell where an app is writing its stuff is to trace what it ...

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