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Happened to me today, on Debian Jessie, tried: apt-get update: Did not helped apt-get clean: Did not helped apt-key update: Did not helped rm -fr /var/cache/apt/*: Did not helped rm -fr /var/lib/apt/lists/*: Solved the problem (don't forget apt-get update). apt-get update will happily recreate the partial/ directory and the lock file, don't worry.


1. What is servicing and what does the servicing stack do? Servicing is the name of configuring Windows updates or Windows features (installing, removing updates/features). This can be done when Windows is running (Online) or against a not running Windows partition/or mounted WIM (offline): What is servicing? Servicing is the act of installing a role, ...


As far as FreeNAS is concerned at least, from what I've been led to believe it is not possible. However, if you try to access documentation from the GUI, you should find success. N00b's response here details how you can accomplish this with a jail and set up an alias to do most of the heavy lifting for you once everything is set up.

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