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Yes this will work. Though this part copy the Windows 8 image to another partition on the SSD will require updating the boot manager. Alternatively, you could simply install the same windows 8 to the second partition and only upgrade that.


I don't know of a good way to link them but you can convert your Windows Partition to a VHD by following this guide.


Yeah if you have existing Windows 10 BIOS/MBR installation, the easiest way would be to create an EFI System Partition (FAT32) with part (100MB or so) of the space you prepared for Arch. UEFI/MBR should work as long as your motherboard have a standard-conforming UEFI. However that way grub won't be able to chainload Windows Boot Manager (unless you install ...


I was having the same trouble as you, until I found this blog post: Configuring rEFInd boot manager as your startup disk on a Mac The author,, describes how you can set the default startup disk by pressing the control key at the same time as selecting the startup disk from the Startup Manager. (You need to hold down the option key during the ...

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