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The cheapest solution would be a cable like this ==> But there are also enclosures like this ==> I would take the enclosure.


It says it requires a Pci-e 3.0 slot, I doubt that, or they are stating it wrong. It performs best with PCI-e v3. But stating that it requires PCI-e v3 is about the same as saying a Porche needs a highway or it will not work. PCI-e is backwares compatible. Which means it should run in any PCI-e slot. PCI-e v1, PCI-v2, PCI-v3 or future PCI-e v4.


Sometimes you can have more shared system memory for large ram sizes Go to control panel > screen resolution Click on advanced settings. It will open graphics properties Check how much total available graphics memory you have Add graphics card size Value in dxdiag will be around that figure


The debug code is b2. It sounds like possibly a bios issue. Do you have another computer in which you can download the latest bios revision and flash it?


Maybe - there is not software (as far as I know) that can directly check for open slots, however the owner can run the following command in Command Prompt to find out the details of their motherboard, then research its features online. wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer,version,serialnumber From this it should not be too difficult to deduce if there ...


Sort of, but not reliably. The best way is to pop off the access panel and see. Just to note, they will be mini PCI-e if anything, usually you'll have one for the WiFI/Bluetooth adapter. You can download the free software HWiNFO which can list your available slots on the motherboard and whether they are 'In-Use'. As you can see in my screenshot: (I ...

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