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The screen-size on the Yoga 2 laptop is much larger. Dxdiag shows : Display Mode: 3200 x 1800 (32 bit) (60Hz). As per your tests the Yoga 2 is blazingly fast when using the same resolutions, this is probably a hardware limitation on the performance of the embedded Intel HD Graphics 4400 card. Embedded video controllers are usually much slower than ...


Yes, your assumptions are correct. XP will only be able to access half the memory, but the mainboard won't care about this limitation (assuming it supports up to 8GB or more). Just keep in mind that XP's support period is over, do consider upgrading, which should be a bigger concern than some "wasted" memory.


The performance lag of the SSD and CPU will be minimal, as the CPU will in all likelihood have Intel SpeedStep (or TurboBoost*), which will enable the CPU to effectively overclock itself to a higher rating (For example, my NetBooks Core i5 runs natively at 1.5GHz but will boost to 2.3GHz if need be.) As long as the CPU is at least a dual core (hopefully ...


This is done by the kernel scheduler, when a process is scheduled to run, the time it is running is added to the total for that process. The scheduler chooses a process to run 100 to 1000 times per second, depending on the OS and the configuration. (This amount of time is the time slice.) A sleep(10) will use less than a microsecond of CPU time because it ...

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