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Your SSD is almost certainly connected via SATA. SATA uses the same wires for reading as for wrting, which means the reads and writes have to be interleaved in time.


I believe it corresponds to disk queue length. Can you open resource monitor (start - run "resmon") and take a look? It may give you more insight into what is using your disk. 100% should mean the queue length is 1 or higher. It can be hard to pin down because a high MB/s rate doesn't necessarily correspond to a high disk usage... Random accesses are much ...


Some say that using hybrid drive is 4 times faster. I may be four times faster in one specific scenario. E.g. windows boot might be four times faster after the disk has learned which files to cache on the SSD part. (Windows boot involves a lot of small disk reads and thus benifits hugely from a SSD). Some say it depend on data read. A SSD is ...

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