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If you have Perl installed then you can use this script. You need to save the list of files to check in f.txt before you run the script. You can make this list using Irfanview. (load all thumbs from subfolders and save in txt). List of good files is saved in okf.txt and corrupted files are listed in brokenf.txt. ===================== use Image::Magick; ...


Some useful links: Download Windows Essentials 2012 Windows Essentials 2012 Release Notes Install Windows Essentials Offline I am very glad to inform that Windows Photo Gallery is a nice piece of software for photo management. The feature of it which I like most is the picture editing tools, it allows you to change each parametre as you like, rather than ...


Install the Windows Essentials and then uninstall them. At that time you can select which components to uninstall and which ones to keep. But if I remember right, Photo gallery and Movie Maker are 1 block tied together. The others are singular. Btw - I don't think you need a graphics card for MM. A good on-board graphics should do. Another really ...


I suggest to use a mobile app it is CamScanner it is really powerful for what u want I am us it all time try it. it is free app on play market for Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.intsig.camscanner&hl=en and also exist on app store .

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