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It's not really a PHP thing. Practically since the beginning, web servers have had a concept of the "index page" or "default page", almost always named index.html. If there's an "index" file in a directory, it is shown; otherwise, a list of files is shown. (It's even got a Wikipedia article.) The usual index file names are index.html or index.htm, ...


This had been fixed in version 0.2.13 of the g..amn ev package. Try sudo pecl install ev again.


Well, I finally found the solution. Actually, Apache unset the $HOME environment variable, (see line 4 of /etc/apache2/envvar file: unset HOME) The only thing to do was to add: export HOME=/var/www before the forever list line in the bash script. And works like a charm.


So you are basically saying that when you connect via IP address to the Ubuntu MySQL you can connect, but when you are on localhost you can’t correct? This could be an issue with MySQL grants being tied to the IP address. But unclear. I would do the following to debug. First, the basics. Before anything, you say you have php5 and php5-mcrypt installed. ...

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