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The relationship between a fqdn (a web address) and an IP address can be many to many. In that many different IP addresses can serve the same websites, and a single IP address can serve many different websites. When a webserver at an IP address is hosting multiple websites, it uses headers in the request sent from your browser to know which site to send ...


Ping Time Ping measures Round Trip Time (RTT), records any packet loss, and prints when finished a statistical summary of the echo response packets received, the minimum, mean, max and in some versions the standard deviation of the round trip time. A lower value for Ping Time is better. Time To Live (TTL) There is no optimum value for TTL. TTL or ...


Neither ping -N nor arping worked for me, I finally settled with the solution from this answer: You can use the tool nping from the nmap package: # nping --icmp --dest-mac [gateway mac] [target ip] You can find your router's mac in your local ARP cache: $ arp -v [gateway ip] The tool also supports different ping types, like --tcp or --udp.


This sounds a lot like a mismatched port forwarding configuration. Since ping/nslookup/tracert all rely on ICMP, which is layer 3, they do not rely on a destination/source port to function. Telnet and HTTP, however, reside in the application layer, and so they require those ports to function. A simple verification of whether this issue lay with the router ...

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