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I am sending a set of 5 pings to each with a timeout of 5 seconds and an interval of 2 minutes between each set. […] I am concerned if the servers see this as a DDoS attack. The shorter answer: I am quite confident the type of network behavior you describe would never be considered DDoS behavior by a long shot and might simply be seen as normal ...


Ping is designed to show the time it takes for a packet to traverse a network to any given computer system and send back a reply. In it's most basic form, it simply indicates time in millisseconds to receive a response from any host that you are attempting to communicate with. There is a very large amount of information on the web documenting the use of ...


One of tool I really like in windows is the tool named pathping. In should serve you well for this, as it pings each step along the way, and if there is routing involved, it should nail down the source of the problem. Try this: From working machine: pathping -n server pathping -n dodgymachine From dodgy machine: pathping -n server pathping -n ...


On Windows based systems we can use the following command to ping a server after specific interval ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -w xxxx -n xx >> c:\logfile.txt where -w specifies intervals in milliseconds so 1000 ~ 1 second => 3000 for 3 sec delay -n specifies number of times ping will be sending query to the server at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx .

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