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-comp has been introduced in openssl 1.1.0 On cygwin openssl is 1.0.2g-3, so you can not use it. Can you try another image format ?


If you want to use a pipe, then your python script would have to read from stdin. Your script doesn't do that. Instead it expects a file name on the command line. This can be accomplished using a shell feature called process substitution to connect the two together: <(awk '{if ($4 == 1975) print $1,$2,$3}' input.txt) <(...) denotes ...


I know this is bad solution but I used this for creating alias in .bashrc: locate updatedb > /tmp/vimForTempDontTouch && vim /tmp/vimForTempDontTouch Downsides: ugly Advantage: No side effects with terminal


Commands such as grep and awk can accept the standard input (STDIN) as a parameter, or argument by using a pipe. However, others such as cp and echo disregard the standard input stream and rely solely on the arguments found after the command. Using the command xargs you can build and execute command lines from standard input, for example in your case: echo ...

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