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Using the great and bright answer from htamas, I modified it a little to use it in an one liner, here it is: # create a temporary named pipe PIPE=(`(exec 0</dev/null 1</dev/null; (( read -d \ e < /proc/self/stat ; echo $e >&2 ; exec tail -f /dev/null 2> /dev/null ) | ( read -d \ e < /proc/self/stat ; echo $e >&2 ; exec tail -...


ifconfig | grep -Po "^[^\s:]+" | while read if; do tcpdump -i $if; done # tcpdump -i em0 # tcpdump -i em0.0 tcpdump `ifconfig | grep -Po "^[^\s:]+" | sed "s/^/-i /"` # tcpdump -i em0 -i em0.0


I'm trying to dump output from all of my interfaces. Is there some reason why you don't just use the special device named any? IE tcpdump -i any. -i interface Listen on interface. If unspecified, tcpdump searches the system interface list for the lowest numbered, configured up interface (excluding ...


You can checkout dbitail: And for download:

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