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That's just the way Preview works. When I want to make changes, but save the original, I usually use "Export..." or Duplicate, both of which can be found under the File menu of Preview.


In my version of Preview (El Capitan), changes are not saved immediately--after making a change, if I close the window, Preview asks if I want to "Revert changes" (which leaves the file unchanged). If your version is working differently, a workaround might be File ---> Revert To, which should let you recover previous versions (if you are using Time Machine). ...


In Preview and most other OS X GUI apps that open documents in document windows, you can Command-click on the name of the file in the titlebar of the window to get a pop-up menu showing the path to the file. To find where a running program is, Command-click on the app's icon in the Dock. All running GUI apps show up in the Dock. You can also use this for ...

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