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It means you have to stop and wait for the green man before you can cross the street. Just kidding. It means that "Service by an authorized SHARP service technician is required." Have a look at page 62 of the manual:,-229,842


Yes, it is quite possible it has become blocked. This model uses ink tanks and the print head itself is a component in the printer, rather than a part of the cartridge. That said, without actually putting ink cartridges into it, it's not going to be possible to tell. Print heads are usually a somewhat expensive part to replace, but there are techniques and ...


as long as both computers are in the same workgroup ur good. the 8.1 must have printers shared. EVERYONE should have full access. I don't remember doing anything with public access so I am not sure how that is affecting u. I believe the UN & PW it is looking for is the one for your machine, but if 8.1 doesn't know of it, it is no use. I keep having ...


If your printer is connected to network by ethernet and your laptop is connected to network by WifI you sould be able to PING your printer's IP Address. If it's the case, then you just have to install printer's driver and it will work.


There should be no problem. If you connect the printer to the router with a network cable, it will get an IP address from the router. You can then use that IP address to connect to the printer. Once the printer is plugged in, print a configuration page so you'll know its IP address. Then try pinging it from the laptop by typing (from a DOS prompt) PING ...

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