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For G41-Combo series, Goto BIOS setup using DELETE button at PC Startup. Goto Integrated Peripherals and ENABLE the USB Keyboard Function at bottom.


This 7-pin connector goes to a header on a Lenovo motherboard marked KB/MS (keyboard/mouse), specifically for interfacing the motherboard to PS/2 ports. According to the Lenovo forums, the pinout is as follows: /-------\ |4|3|2|1| | |7|6|5| \-------/ Pin 1 - 5V Pin 2 - CLK Pin 3 - Data [5V] Pin 4 - GND Pin 5 - 3.3V Pin 6 - GND (noisy) Pin 7 - Data ...


B-end is a Lenovo-specific 7-pin PS/2 connector, which you connect straight to Lenovo motherboard. See 3rd image from this auction for the details: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lenovo-ThinkStation-ThinkCentre-FRU-43N9149-PS-2-Keyboard-Mouse-Cable-/251535857927


It is the keyboard / mouse port for the computer. Yes, port B connects directly to the motherboard. Depending on the age of the computer, it could either connect to a USB connector or to serial controllers for the keyboard and mouse.


Looks like a USB internal connector. It should connect to the motherboard in the same header as what you would connect the 'front' USB on your case. Though, given that it is a lenovo specific adapter, it could be specifically designed for a motherboard in one of their machines. Just check that the pins lines up (there's a covered over hole on the adapter ...

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