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Yes, but the partition will need to be mounted in degraded mode. From the wiki documentation on multiple devices: Before replacing the device you will need to mount the array, if you have a missing device then you will need to use the following command: sudo mount -o degraded /dev/sda1 /mnt The full procedure for replacing a failed device in a ...


There is almost certainly a software component to monitor the RAID status. You will need to download it from the support page for your motherboard. It will be called something like RAID monitor, or possibly just go by some generic name like 'storage technology'.


Cameron did give you excellent info on the topic. Using the alignment tool should enable you to freely use both drives. A couple of notes from me: - Having two different drives in a RAID array potentially increases the chances that a drive would drop out of the array due to differences in the firmware, speed, etc. I'd try to have as similar drives as ...


Intel RST RAID1 still does NOT support TRIM. Test with Driver version TrimCheck: i waited 60 minutes, reboot did not help.

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