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This Question deals with the same problem, where it's indicated that it could be block errors on the disk. I had the same problem when I ran a raid1 md array long ago. The sync would stop halfway in with IO errors in the kernel log shown by dmesg.


Perhaps not exactly what you had in mind, but there does exist such a device - the WD dual 2.5 drive - it's a 2.5 hdd + a reasonably sized ssd inside a single 2.5" chassis - the main issue I see with alternatives is that even if you managed to get two small drives in there (say two mSata or similar), the laptop won't have more than one sata connection there, ...


Normally your BIOS, if properly configured, should have a RAID submenu you can access during boot time (it's not part of the regular BIOS setup screens). It's from that menu you choose which drives you want to be part of a RAID array and the motherboard will build the RAID 1 array before Windows even boots. If you have RAID enabled, when it scans your ...


These are some interesting questions, mixed with some odd ones... But this seems to be getting outside the intended use of Storage Spaces. This is really something you should consider just experimenting with if you can. RE "same thing for hardware RAID": for almost all hardware RAID, the "current configuration" is stored on the controller and the drives. ...

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