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The short answer is no. For that functionality, you’d have to write a script that recurses through each sub-directory (either depth-first or breadth-first) and can efficiently saves its state in a temporary file to allow its resumption. It would be a non-trivial (but interesting) exercise and I’d recommend a high level scripting language such as Perl, ...


The functionality WU uses to do that is available to you via the shutdown command. Specifically by using the /g option. From shutdown /?: /g Shutdown and restart the computer. After the system is rebooted, restart any registered applications. So, run shutdown /g /t 00 and you system will reboot right then, and restore the ...


I had the same problem after installing VS2015 Update 1 on Windows 10. I went to System Settings → Windows Update Settings → Clicked the Restart button which caused my computer to restart and apply pending windows updates.


[From Comments] This hints at the CPU/idling too low and core voltage dropping below a workable threshold. When the machine is busy Speedstep won't pull back, but once its left alone it becomes unstable. Setting vDroop and core voltage should resolve it, and if needed you can manually configure the rest of the CPU config instead of automatic management.

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