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I use a variety of hard drives from different manufacturers and the SMART data labelling seems to change between manufactures. Some call it power cycles and some the number of power on's or even boot or load count When talking about MTBF "Mean time between failures" for normal mechanical hard drives there are a few areas that you should look at. Power on ...


I too have been looking for a clean way to do this and haven't found one yet. I have found a bit of a hack though that others might be interested in... The key to the hack is the xbootmgr tool from Microsoft. This tool is designed primarily for developers to gather timing information to figure out what's slowing down booting. As an added bonus, it wires ...


Sorry, this sounds creepy. You want to reboot my router? Why don't you start with rebooting your router remotely, then enhance it to reboot the router of someone who will allow you to do theirs. I think by the time you do two, you will come to see the futility of the task you have chosen. Or did I miss something?


The power often doesn't completely go off in a reboot, capacitors will still hold a charge for a few seconds. This could be causing a slight bug in the usb controller or something related.

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